Friday, July 17, 2009

illustation possible: day five

last day!
today's random wikipedia article:
A Boyfriend for Christmas was a made-for-tv movie that aired on the hallmark channel in 2004. After reading the synopsis, apart from actually kind of wanting to watch it ( I have a horrible soft spot for predictable rom-coms...) I decided to just veto this one and go to Coney Island instead.
(hey! It's my last day of freedom!)

started off nice, and i got a lot of writing done. But unfortunately it started getting cloudy and rainy later in the afternoon, and I'm really not as hard-core as I'd like to pretend. But it was a nice way to end the week :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

illustation possible: day four

Today was weird.
random wikipedia article:üpspor
"Eyüpspor Kulübü is the football team of Istanbul district Eyüp.
Team colours are lavender and yellow."

So...a Turkish miniature inspired pen and ink of soccer players?
oh that's normal. haha.

only one day left....

illustation possible: day three

so day three stumped me. the random wikipedia article was:
"ugh, maaath." Is what I said to myself when I saw this...
I actually spent most of the day wandering around thinking of other things,
(It's like high school all over again, ANYTHING to avoid math. haha.)

The final verdict? cut paper shapes of hexagons and triangles (the two shapes that make up a pentagonal pyramid) When I was done it sort of reminded me of It's a Small World. (But, then again most things do...)

so what about day four? in's a hint, it has something to do with sports.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

illustation possible: day two

I'm in a vacation kind of mood... today's random wikipedia article:
Ernest Hemingway's house, where he lived in Key West, Florida from 1931-1939.

Sounds like a nice travel destination to me.

I looked at old art deco posters for inspiration.
I also simplified the house a lot, and I like how it came out sort of looking like a book. So I added some faint text to it.

EDIT: oops sorry, I didn't put the medium, it's digital with paper textures.

Monday, July 13, 2009

illustation possible: day one

Off to a great start! Today's random wikipedia article was:
"Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists from 1995–2008, is an activist for atheist rights and the separation of church and state in the United States."

Never heard of her, but separation of church and state is a topic that really interests me! Politicians who mention god are like those obnoxious couples that are always all PDA in your face, keep it at home, people! the art. I decided to look at American folk art for inspiration, particularly quilts! (example below, mmm folk art)

My concept was that people and individuals in the government are the defining line between church and state, while they are free to believe whatever they wish on the inside, it's up to them to make sure their beliefs stay private particularly when dealing with political and public matters. You speak for your country, not your church.

and here's the final product.

Sewing was a new way of working for me, I actually found it really relaxing. Definitely something I'd try again :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am lucky enough to find myself with some down time in between jobs right now. So before I commit myself once more to the computer and chair lifestyle, I've decided to take advantage of this freedom and make some god-damn art! Thus, I made myself a little week-long challenge:

july 13th -- july 17th

WHAT IT IS: each day will have a new challenge which will be decided by clicking on "random article" at wikipedia. (yeah, that's right.) I will then do an illustration based on/inspired by that article, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. I will also challenge myself by using a different medium each day. It's only for five days, but the results should be interesting....stay tuned. First illustration goes up tomorrow.

p.s. I know this is terribly cheesy, but I've gotta entertain myself somehow!

Welcome to the Word Market!

I was psyched when I found a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth in a box of give-away books on the sidewalk yesterday! I started re-reading it immediately. I always loved the parts about the doldrums and jumping to conclusions, but I particularly love the Word Market. I just love the idea of being able to buy and sell words, so surreal. Below is a kinda quick depiction of what I imagine it be like for Milo and Tock to enter the market.