Thursday, September 30, 2010

illustration friday: old-fashioned


a pattern's moment to shine

I made this folk-art inspired pattern for an illustration i was working on a few months ago, but i ended up not using it so it's just been taking up space on my computer waiting...waiting for it's 15 mins.

so, here you go pattern, enjoy. shine!

Di Johnston Cover Art

on September 14th, Di Johnston's new album 'dropped' (riiight? that's what the cool kids say?) and I had the honor of designing and illustrating the cover art.

Yay so exciting!! Check out the new album on itunes:

I have to say, her music is really great, usually I'm not that into electronic type music, but hers is really whimsical and magical just lovely to listen to on a rainy afternoon :)

Summer's Over...

Tomorrow is the first of October so summer is definitely over,.. it must of been good, I haven't posted since May.  I went to the beach over labor day and played around with all the different colored rocks...

I also did some seaside animal stalking...

i think this last seagull was camera shy, either that or he's a little diva who is sick of all the paparazzi taking his picture all the's a tough life.