Thursday, July 10, 2014

some things


care olders said...

نقدم اليك افضل خدمة فندقية لكبار السن فى دار مسنين بمدينة نصر فتم اختيار افضل الاماكن واكثرها هدوء لرعاية كبار السن بعيدا عن الضوضاء التى تثير غضب كبار السن فتم اختيار افضل الاحياء التى تتميز بالهواء الجيد والنقى وبعيدا عن الضوضاء

Anonymous said...

Scott H. Florance 1971-2017=365day's times 45 calendar/years. That's only 32 seconds time squeezed wide to Royal secret moon base personel. The child own's himself. Never told "You have to work and You cannot leave" He a nonslave, slavery banned nation wide. For freedom, hold your head up! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Give cute furry animal Squarrel a little cabin at the base of the wooden tree, with 3 thick/warm blanket's. Cut a big hole on the building door so cute pet Squarel is never cold!!****************Fairy sprite elemental will not go to a soultrap/stasis chamber. Astral ethric Fairy gets a 114,000 thousand mile nature park with 22 warm cabin shacks. And set up 74 cool large objects like they got rich!!