Monday, February 1, 2010

rabbit fever

gotta love rabbits!  here are two recent rabbit creations.
first is my first attempt at needle felting, (thanks to the lovely Stephanie 
  for the tutorial this past weekend!) 
here he is posing with his friend the garden gnome.
and second is just a rabbit enjoying a sunset
with his three favorite flowers...
Also, on a side note, i started listening to this podcast called Escape From Illustration Island. It's pretty good, and features pretty in depth and interesting interviews with working illustrators. The most recent episode has an interview with Jon Klassen who did the concept illustrations for Coraline. (ah!)
(the sounds a bit funky because i think they did it over the phone, but the interview is great.)

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calamity afoot said...

yay! that purple bunny turned out too cute! good link to know about, too!